A Place to Spend the night

Death is a dread for everyone, but itís surely going to come
Unless the Lord makes his return before we die
But Iím not afraid to face the grave for very soon it will be day
And I know IĎll just have to stay there overnight

Oh, itís just a place to spend the night, a place to rest before my flight
Morning will come with a shout of my King and I will rise so high,
Above the clouds, beyond the sky
Oh, itís not a grave, itís just a place to spend the night

There is a thought that cheers me on, it will bring you comfort after Iím gone
God made a promise there would come an end to this night
Heíll send down his son to gather us in
Those he has saved, redeemed from our sins
And the children who sleep thank God thereíll be the very first ones to rise

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