A Walking Miracle

A walking miracle, a talking miracle. Since Jesus
reached way down his hand and rescued me. He
took the blame, he bore my pain. And I have
never be the same. Since Jesus made a walking
miracle of me.

I owed a debt I could not pay, I had no hope
no other way. Then in despair, I called upon my
saviors name. Down on my knees the answer
came, I felt the touch, I could feel the change. He
made a walking, talking, miracle today.

He called up Lazarus out of the grave. He
made the cripple man walk away. He healed the
deaf and dumb, He touched the blind man and
made him see. And like the miracles he did back
then, aah he went and done it allover again, He
made a walking, talking, miracle of me.

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