Childís Request

One day while in the country church I saw a scene so grand

a scene that touched me oh so deep within

a little girl was kneeling there, her bible in her hand

her little hands were placed beneath her chin

dear God I humbly kneel in prayer, Iím just a child you know

Iíd like to make this one request today

Iíd like to see my daddy saved before this meetingís through

so please dear God help daddy find his way

before my mother passed away she took me by the hand

with tear filled eyes she held me in her arms

her trembling voice was almost gone and then I heard her say

dear God please keep my baby safe from harm

and then she prayed for daddy, that someday he would change

she said she hoped weíd meet again someday

Iíve brought him here today dear God and now itís up to you

Iíve never seen my daddy kneel and pray

he sat there on that back seat, his head was bowed in shame

his tear filled eyes just staring at the floor

and then there was a silence, all heads were bowed in prayer

and I felt the power of God come through that door

he raised his face toward heaven, and then there was a change

he left that seat and down the isle he ran

he knelt down by his daughter, and then he cried aloud

forgive me God Iíve been a wicked man

and then they prayed together, down on their knees that night

before they laid their bodies down to rest

they thanked the Lord for everything and then I heard her say

thank you God for granting my request

thank you God for granting my reques

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