The First time that I heard the story,
the story of Calvary
How a king would come down from glory
suffer and die on a tree
My heart was touched by the mercy
and love that he had for me
And each time I hear that story again
Calvary Still Touches Me

CHORUS: My heart is moved each time I hear
Somebody telling of what happened then
To think of the love that he had for me
Oh Calvary Still Touches Me

The first time that I went to Calvary
It reached out and touched my soul
And the blood of that sacrifice,
oh it covered,
and washed me whiter than snow
And it's touch has given me healing and freedom,
yes I'm free indeed.
And each time I plead that blood once again,
oh Calvary Still Touches Me

My heart is cleansed each time I go
To plunge neath the fountain of Calvary's flow
Whether it's healing or cleansing I need
Oh Calvary Still Touches Me

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