Drunken Driver


Now listen you drunken driver while here on earth you dwell,
you'll never know when the time will come when you'll have to say farewell
to your dear old mother and sister though they may be miles away
so don't be drinking whiskey while driving on your way.
I saw an accident one day that would charm the heart of man
and teach him not to drink a drop while the steering wheel's in his hands.


This awful accident occured on the 20th day of May,
it caused two loving children to sleep beneath the clay.
Those two dear children walked side by side upon the state highway
their loving mother she had died and their father had run away.
They were talking of their loving parents, how sad their hearts did feel
when around the curve came a speeding car with a drunk man at the wheel.
The bumper caught the little girl taking her life away
while the little boy in a pool of blood in the ditchline there did lay.  


The driver staggered from his car to see what he had done
his heart sank deep within him when he saw his loving son.
He then picked up his loving ones and carried them to his car
and kneeling on the running board he prayed a drunkard's prayer.
Saying Please dear Lord forgive me for the awful things I've done.
His attention then was drawed away to the words of his dying son
saying Please dear Daddy don't drink no more while driving on your way
but meet us with our mother dad in heaven some sweet day.

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