Goin' Away Party

            By Jeff & Sheri Easter

                    Verse 1

Born in 1900 she had her share if hard times
And at the age of fifteen she met the love of her life
And how she adored Him, loved Him till her dyin' day
So we celebrated when we put her in the grave


We threw  a goin' away party the event of the year
The day that she lived for is finally here
The One that she loved wants her by His side
So strike up the band, its party time

               Verse 2

For many a year she served her community well
And on occasion she'd stumble, but this saint of
God never fell She was in love with Jesus,
He always stayed on her mind
And now they're together havin' one heavenly time

          Repeat Chorus


The One that she loves, He  wants her by His side
Strike up the band, its party time
Strike up the band, its party time
Its party time

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