Glory Road

In this road you're trav'ling dark; deserted or dim,
Is there hope for tomorrow?  Put your trust in Him.
On this glory road I'm trav'ling, many times I strumble on my way;
but praise the Lord I'll soon be leaving
To that land of perfect peace and endless day.                                                    

I can see             the lights of home              
     (I can see)     the           lights of home

I can see               Him on His throne.         I  can see        Him         on His throne.

I'm too near                 to turn back now
       I'm too near         to           turn back now

Oh praise the Lord              I'm heaven bound  
             praise  the Lord  I'm        heaven bound                                                              2)                                    
When my jouney here shall end,
I'll say goodbye to a world of sin.
In that fair land (in that fair land)
I'll take my stand (I'll take my stand),
It's good to be on this road for glory land.

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