God Made A Man

The earth was young, God was alone
  He had no one to call His own;
He took some dust up in His hand
  And made a man.
He made some hands, he made some feet,
  A body, and soul,  all complete,
God made the first and perfect man.


 God made a man, a job well done
  He made a man and called him son;
 He gave him life, he gave his love
   And set him free.
 There's only one thing God would ask,
  To follow Him, man's only task,
 Take up thy cross, deny thyself and follow me.

This perfect man God did create, did not
  obey, his fall was great,
God saw a need, He had a plan
  God made another man;
His name was Christ, the perfect Lamb
  Sent straight from God, the Great I Am
With nailed scarred hands.

One sunny morn, beside the road
 A gentle stream, a heavy load,
I asked the Lord to lead me
 Through this weary land;
He came into my heart that day,
 Amazing Grace had paved the way
God, once again. was hard at work
 He made man.

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