Yesterday, today forever, he remains the same,
He is the God , the great I am, Jehova is his name
He was and is, and is to come,So let the world proclaim,
That what he did a way back then,
He's able to do again

He's still in business,   He's still in business,
God's not retired old or grey,
He is still the same today, he's still in business.
He's still in business, he's still in business,
just ask the wind the stars the trees
the heart that beats inside of me.
He's still in business

Healing bodies, saving souls, meading hearts again,
This is the kind of business that my God is in.
Age has not crippled him, or weakened his mighty hand
For those who like to think he's dead just let me tell you again.

                    repeat chorus

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