(written by Sandy Knight)

1. Hello Noamen, how did you feel in the muddy river Jordan?
Hello Stephen, how did you stand the stone without a word?
Hello John, what did you do when you saw great Heavenly things?
Walking down streets of gold, say hello

2. Hello Paul, what did you sing in the prison stock at midnight?
Hello David, did you dance when Goliath bit the dust?
Hello Joshua, did you shout that shout, when the walls came falling down?
Walking down streets of gold, saying hello

3. Hello Mamma, what did you thing when saw your children crossing?
Hello Daddy, how did you feel when you heard Mamma sing?
Hello Children, I'm thankful you chose the road to heaven
Walking down streets of gold, saying hello

4. Hello Jesus, it's time to pause a million years to praise You.
Hello Jesus, I'm oh so glad my sins You did erase
Thank ya Jesus, oh Jesus, Ya been oh so good to me

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