The Halyards

Now, when Jesus died on Calvary, they took Him down from that tree

Where He bore the shame and burdens of man’s soul

So they laid Him in a borrowed tomb – oh, but something happened in that

On the dawning of the third day, they discovered that He had gone!


He’s not there anymore – that old stone’s been rolled away!

He said “Death, you cannot hold me – I’m getting out of this grave!”

And He said that it would happen – how that he would reign again

He’s not there anymore – He’s won the victory over sin!

Now old Satan said “Now, we’ve got Him – we’ve finally done away with

That Man who claimed that He was Lord of Lords”

Oh, but just then, they heard footsteps…old Satan trembled when there
Stood Jesus

He said, “I just thought I’d let you old devils know, you’ve been defeated
You’ve lost the war!”

(Repeat Chorus twice)

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