Is not this the land of Beulah


I am dwelling on the mountain where the golden sunlight beams.
Oíre a land of wondrous beauty for exceeds my fondest dreams.
Where the air is pure etheral laden with the breath of flowers.
They are blooming by the fountain Ďneath the amarantham bowers.

I can see far down the mountain where Iíve wondered weary years.
Often hindered on my journey by the ghosts of doubts and fears.
Broken vows and disappointments thickly sprinkled all the way.
But the spirit led unerring to the land I hold today.


I am drinking from the fountain where I ever would abide.
for Iíve tasted lifeís pure river and my soul is satisfied.
Now thereís no thirsting for lifeís pleasures nor adorning rich and gay.
For Iíve found a greater treasure one that fadeth not away.

Oh the cross has wondrous glory oftí Iíve proved this to be true.
When Iím in the way so narrow I can see a pathway through.

And how sweetly Jesus whispers take thy cross thou need not fear.
For Iíve trod the way before thee and the glory lingers near


Is not this the land of beulah
Blessed blessed land of light.
Where the flowers bloom forever
And the sun is always bright.

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