It Is No Secret

First Verse
The chimes of time ring out the news; an-oth-er day is through.
Some-one slipped and fell. Was that some-one you?
You may have longed for add-ed strength,
your cour-age to re-new.
Do not be dis-heart-ened, for I have news for you._______

It Is No Se-cret____
What God Can Do.
What he's done for oth-ers,___
He'll do for you.
With arms wide o-pen,___
He'll par-don you.
It Is No Se-cret___
What God Can Do.

Second Verse
There is no night for in His light you-ll nev-er walk a-lone.
Al-ways feel at home wher___ev-er you may roam.
There is no pow-er can con-quer you, while God is on your side.
Just take him at His prom-ise.
Don't run a-way and hide._____

*Repeat Chorus

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