I hold a Clear Title to a Mansion

Iíve heard people talk about heaven
and tell of its beauty so rare.
So one day he gave me a title to a
mansion in that land so fair.
It was given to me without money
it cost my dear Saviour his life.
He died on the cross without murmur
For me he paid the great price.

I hold a clear title to a mansion
that Jesus has gone to prepare.
Fire cannot touch it, rust cannot harm it,
and it never will need of repair.
The termites canít mar the foundation
for on the rock or ages it stands.
I feel it is almost completed and
ready for me to move in.

The deed is both signed and recorded
the day Jesus saved me form sin.
My name was engraved in gold letters
in the Lambís book of life, safe within.
Iím an heir to that mansion in glory
when from this life here Iíll go.
Iím waiting for Jesus to call me
and Iíll lay down my cross and go home.

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