Jeff & Sheri Easter

Sometimes I feel like thereís no way out
My heart begins to doubt Your amazing graze
But I know that Your word is true You have somehow always seen me through
Through my darkest days

Cause I donít have a prayer without You
I donít have a chance without You
Lord, I need you here tonight -  wonít You please hold me tight
Make my heart true Ė Cause I donít have a prayer without You

Sometime life feels like a ball and chain and I become a slave
To a memory
But I know that Youíve forgiven me Ė You gave Your life at Calvary
Just to set me free!

(Repeat chorus)
Lord, youíre everything I need just take whatís left of me
Make me what I ought to be so You can use me -  Lord, donít You see

(Repeat Chorus with little music)

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