I Canít Complain

Iíve had bad days, and Iíve had hills to climb
Iíve had sad days, and often a weary mind
But when I look around, and I think these things all out
All of the good days, out weigh the bad days, I canít complain

God is so good to me; yes Heís so good to me
More than this world could be, Heís so good to me
His Spirit came to me, and gave me Victory
God is so good to me, I canít complain

Sometimes the clouds hang low,
and Iíd like to see them go
And then I question, ďLord why so much painĒ
But He knows whatís best for me, although I cannot see
So Iíll just say ďThank you LordĒ, I canít complain

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