Look what the Lord has done


The lame man set outside the gait
begging alms of those that entered in.
Well Peter and John they came unto him
you know the lame man he begged from them.
Oh and Peter said Silver and gold have I none
but such I have I give unto thee.
The spirit touched the lame man he leaped to his feet
he cried Look what the Lord has done.


Oh I was bound by the chains of darkness and sin
I had no hope no peace of mind.
Tho my blood was red as scarlet he washed it white as snow
and he opened my blinded eyes.
Oh and now my heart is overjoyed since Iíve made him my choice
and I find joy and peace in every thing I do.
My nameís written down in the lambís book of life
canít you see what heís done for me.


Oh look what the Lord has done .
Just look what the Lord has done.
He healed my body, he touched my mind
he saved me just in time.
Iím gonna praise his name
each day heís just the same.
Come on and praise him
look what the Lord has done.

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