Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is

Well the Jews were talking to Jesus and they said Just who are you
You claim to be the Christ
yet your greater than Abraham too
Jesus said everything that you say is true
Im greater than Abraham
But before there was an abraham I am the Great I am

Many People today they use his name
But its usually in Vain
No matter how hes helped them time and time again
But one of these days every tongue shall confess
And every knee shall bow
Lets not wait until that day lets Praise the Lord right now

Many People today love Jesus
But they dont know who he is
They put him 2nd place in the Godhead
Theyve got some strange ideas
But if Jesus Christ Created everything has all power Im asking you
If Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord
How can he be number 2

Let me tell ya who Jesus is
Hes the rock of all ages
Hes the alpha and the Omega
Hes the Heavenly father
Hes the beginning and the end
Much more than this my friend
Hes the son of man , hes coming back again

I know Jesus is the Father.
I know Jesus is the Son.
I know Jesus is the Holy Ghost
and all these three are One.

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