There were many times when I was young,
I saw tears in mamma's eyes
And I didn't know what things it was
That made my mamma cry.
But as the years went by I understood each tear
Mamma cried for her children while she was living here

And she prayed Lord please save my children,
I'm asking you today
Lord, please save my children,
don't let them stray away
Just keep your hands upon them,
don't let them die in vain
Much more, please save my children,
oh this I pray today.

And now the years they've come and gone
Since my mamma passed away
But back in my memory I can hear her everyday
Oh I hear those prayers that she prayed
To God for her children everyday
She was hoping that she just hear me say,
"Mamma I got saved."

Lord, please save my children, Oh this I pray today.

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