Never Say Goodbye

I致e heard a lot of people tell what Heave has in store
They say we値l see lot of sights with much we can explore
And there will be a lot of sounds to please this very ear
But I値l be thankful for the things we will not see or hear.

We値l never see a tear of grief or hear a cry of pain
We値l never hear the voice of death or see a cripple痴 crane.
We値l never see a broken home or hear a lonesome sigh
And praise the Lord in Heaven痴 land we値l never say good-bye.

When I lay down this mortal flesh and pass through Canaan痴 land
I値l bow before the Lamb of God and touch his nail-scarred hand.
I値l praise his name while age痴 roll for a reason why
I値l greet you on the street of gold, where we値l never say good bye.

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