One More River

I've had a lot of troubles and trials
In my little life span
When I'm standing alone
And the battle gets hard
I always do the best I can
I must've crossed a million valleys
I must've shed a million tears
When I come to the river of Jordan, Halleujah
Then I'll have no fears,
Then I'll have no fears

There's been a lot of people talk about me
Since I've walked this narrow way
That's just another little valley
I come through it when I pray
'Cause I've climbed a lot of high mountains
Crossed a lot of cold streams
When I see 'ole Jordan cold and dark
That'll be the last for me,
That'll be the last for me

One more river to cross
One more mountain to climb
One more valley that I've got to go through
Leavin' my troubles behind
One more battle with the Devil
And I know He'll understand
I'm going through with Jesus, Halleujah
Holding to His nail scarred hands,
Holding to His nail scarred hands

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