Poor Rich Man

We often judge a man by the clothes he wears or the car hes driving in.
Well you can often tell if hes doing that well by the house hes living in.
But Iam here to say it dont work that way with everybody I know.
I just got aqauinted with some poor rich folks a little while ago.

Well Im a poor rich man ,Im a poor rich man.
Oh you see it really happened to me ,Im a millionaire.
I know that Iam poor but Ive got a lot more than any rich folks that I know.
Ive got a home in the sky that money cant buy,Im a poor rich man.

Well when a man is rich with his worldly goods he often has a lot of friends.
They all try to live so high in the sky and they know that its a sin.
Well even if I could I dont believe that I would want the riches of this world.
And when its time to go ill be proud to know that im a poor rich man.

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