Peace Of Loving You

Here I am again, down on my knees.
The cares of this world can get the best of me.
Some times, there are burdens,
No human hand can soothe
But with your touch there gone.
That's the peace of loving you.

Lord you only know
What tomorrow may bring
But I count on you to be my everything
You always help me overcome
Whatever I go through
Lord, I know you love me.
That's the peace of loving you.


Lord, you are the manna when I need the bread of life
You're the well within my soul when the river has run dry
And all my happiness, it lies within the truth of knowing that you love me
That's the peace of loving you.

With the peace of loving you
I have no fear of death
I want my lips to praise you
With my final breath.

Repeat chorus.

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