Path of Sin

  Written by a Copas family member.

As I walked down the Path of sin one day I met a man,
a halo shown around his head there were nail scars in his hands
there was a big scar on His side, His feet showed prints of nails.
I knew this was the man who died to save my soul from Hell.

When He turned and looked at me I heard Him softly say,
turn now from your path of sin and follow me today,
youíll never have to walk alone, For you I done my best,
take best to my yoke and learn of me I will give you rest.

I reached out and took His hand and held it tight and firm,
as I began to follow him I found His love return,
each day Iím walking in His steps for Heaven is my goal.
The world has lost a sinner now but Heavenís gained a soul.

The world has lost a sinner now but heavens gained a soul,
The angels are rejoicing while the Hallelujahís roll,
When I walk thru the pearly gaits, the first I want to see,
is the man I met on the path of sin, my Christ of Galilee.

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