Resurection Morn


They placed him in a burrowed tomb
at the ending of that day.
They watched as soldiers rolled the stone
then they sadly walked away.
But suddenly within their broken hearts
echoed the words they heard him say.
Donít wait for me Iíll live again
on resuraction morn.


He walked along beside of them
still they did not believe them.
He set with them and broke the bread
then their eyes where made to see.
As they watched him taken from their sight
behold two men robed in white.
said Like he ascends
heíll come again on resurection morn.


Resurection Morn
He arose and set the captives free
Recurection Morn
Jesus won the victory
At the breaking of the dawn
then went running to the tomb
for he was gone
Mary cried and said
My savior lives on resurection morn.

Resurection morn

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