Reach Out and Touch the Lord

On a dark and stormy night on the sea of Galilee,
The  disciples were so fearful of the fury of the sea.
When upon the raging. water walked the blessed Lord of Life,
He calmed the troubled waters as he walked by.

Reach out and touch the Lord as he walks by
you’ll find him not to busy to hear you when you cry.
He is passing every moment all your needs he will supply.
Reach out and touch the Lord as he walks by.

Matthew sat in worldly honor taking tax from those who came.
When the savior walked before him and called him by his name.
Come and follow me he whispered not to stop and question why,
Matthew rose and followed Jesus as he walked by.

When upon the dusty waste side on his way to raise the dead,
mighty was the throng that pressed him hungry for the living bread.
I must touch him cried a women, I must touch him ere I die,
she reached out and touched the Lord as he walked by.

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