Settle Down And Rest

Down here we meet with many sorrows, fears beset us all the time.
We long for heavens sweet refreshing just to take them off our mind.
Traveling through the deserts barren and across the rivers crest.
Still longing for the day to come when I can settle down and rest.

I'll rest beside the peaceful river flowing right before the throne.
In the presence of my Savior and I know it won't be long.
Sweet fellowship will last forever lovely singing all the time.
When I can settle down over there, eternal rest will then be mine.

Lately I've been getting homesick just to lay my cares all down.
No matter where I go in this world seems no comfort can be found.
But we seek a better country where we'll live with all the blest.
Yonder on the hills of glory I can settle down and rest.

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