Something Going On In The Graveyard

A man was being buried, placed in anotherís grave
The men in charge saw their enemy
And quickly ran away
As they threw the body in the ground
It touched Elishaís bones
The dead man raised up with a shout
Great God whatís going on.

Thereís something going on in the graveyard
Like you ainít ever seen
The dead are coming up from the ground
Oh, canít you hear them sing?
With resurrection power
And glory all around
Thereís something going on in the graveyard
And the saints are heaven bound.
(Ainít no grave can hold me down)

Thereís a day thatís coming, that Jesus spoke about
When all those who sleep in the ground
Would wake up and come out
The world may think weíre crazy
And sometimes we feel alone
One day theyíre gonna cry out
OH God whatís, going on.

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