Second Chance

I meet my blessed savior years ago and what peace and joy I had,
but somewhere along the way I strayed  away from my lord,
that when it seemed everthing I done went wrong I could not find no peace of mind,
so one night I said I can not go on so down on my knees I fell,
I said Jesus please forgive me I need you back in my life

That when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder,
and the sweetest voice I've ever heard,
he said I've never lelf you I've been waiting for you to call upon my name
now you know he could have turned his back on me and lelf me there alone,
but he forgave me and took me back in his grace
and I praise his holy name for giving me a second chance

Now I know why everthing was falling down around me
it was because I did't have my blessed Jesus by my side
he said he would never forsake us
and I'm so glad he never gave up on me,
that just goes to show what a forgiving Father we have
and I thank him for not leaving me there on my knees

                                          MARGARET SCARBERRY

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