The Message of his coming


Were looking for his coming in the clouds of heaven
coming back to earth to catch away his own.
Then may we all be ready when the midnight cry is given
to go and reign with Christ on his throne.


Were praying for the advent of our blessed savior
he who promised life to all who trust his name.
His coming now is pending the message being given
and soon well see our Lord face to face.


We see the signs appearing of his blessed coming
and behold the fig leaves now are turning green.
The gospel of his kingdom has gone to every nation
that we are near the end can be seen.


Were looking for the glory that awaits the faithful
who shall overcome and every conflict win.
Press ever bravely onward the prize is life eternal
to all who win the fight over sin.


Gladly may we herald the message of his blessed appearing
soon hes coming to glory to tell to one and all.
Then awake ye saints of the Lord
why slumber when the end is nearing.
Best get ready for the final call.

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