The Holy of Holies

(Verse 1)
In the Holy of Holies, behind the heavy veil. Sat the Ark of the
Covenant, where the most High dwelled. And only the high priest
could enter there in, to offer a sacrifice for atonement of sin. But
the veil was rent in an instant, revealing that Holy place. For on a
hill nearby on a rugged cross. Justice met grace.

( chorus)
Now I can go into the Holy of Holies. I can kneel and make my
petition known.
I can go into the Holy of Holies and although I'm just a common
man, because of God's redemption plan. I can boldly approach
the throne.

(verse 2)
The blood of sacrifices is no more required. For the blood of
the spotless lamb has already paid the price. In the sacrifice of
worship we'll open Heaven's door. Allowing us to enter in, the
presence of the Lord.

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