As I sit all alone and watch the day turn into night,
I'm reminded of the time when total darkness will lock the world's light.
They thought they'd put him away.
They thought they'd end it in the grave.
They thought they'd erase him from our mind.
But what they didn't know on that day, God's Son still shines.

Oh! Didn't He shine on that day when they laid Him in the tomb.
Didn't He shine on that day when the stone was rolled away.
Nevermore to be in darkness, He arose to His Father's side.
Yes, on that day and forever more God's Son still shines.

Just imagine our Savior hanging there on the cross
can't you feel that awful pain that He bore
can you see the scars that He wear even
then He cried to His Father "Not My will but only Thine".
In my heart the Son still lives the Son shines.

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