(Written by Sandy Knight)

Oh what a day when saints start leaving,
headed yonder for a healing meeting.
Where no one leaves sick or diseased,
But all God's children in a moment are freed.
From sadness unto gladness
When weeping turns to dancing
I'm sure to attend, I've been invited by him
To that Glory Hallelujah meeting.

I have a heavenly inheritance I don't want to miss it
I must get dressed to go.  
Somewhere between where my feet are stand just now
And that great eternal city where my soul is bound
I'm gonna make a trade eternal
You're gonna know me when I step in style
When saints reach perfection on that day of resurrection
Will be a hallelujah healing meeting.

Now every saint you've read on in the word will be gathered
From Mathew to Mark to Luke and John
And every dream you've dreamed is now coming true
Loved one long missing they'll be gathering too.
This awesome day anticipated when Gabriel plays that getting up tune
The day when immortality for me becomes reality
That Glory Hallelujah Healing Meeting.

Down here on earth you've never seen a meeting like this
A meeting where the Lord himself in person attends
At last a perfect meeting place where no one is denied
That Glory Hallelujah Healing Meeting in the sky.

Oh yes there's going to be a meeting in the air
Will be a Glory Hallelujah Healing Meeting.

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