Thank You Lord

For making the sun to shine, putting the stars in the sky,
For the flowers that bloom, the ocean so blue, thank you Lord.
For the sparrow that sing and makes sweet melody,
For the rivers that flow, the rain and the snow, thank you Lord.

I just want to thank you Lord,  I just want to thank you Lord,
For everything you’ve done for me thank you Lord.
I just want to thank you Lord, I just want to thank you Lord,
For making me whole, saving my soul, thank you Lord.

For my whole family, for the joys you’ve given to me,
For the shoes on our feet, plenty to eat, thank  you Lord.
For the church where I worship and pray, for the freedoms I have to today,
For your Spirit I feel, presence so real, thank you Lord.

For being a friend so dear, giving my sad heart cheer,
For holding my hand when I could not stand, thank you Lord.
For giving your life for me, on a cross at Calvary,
For taking my place, mercy and grace, thank you Lord.

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