I was dreaming about heaven.
Dreamed I was standing at the pearly gates.
We were all there and I was so scared,
in the presence of one so great.
I felt so very unworthy.
I felt like running away.
I bowed my head and turned and I turned to go.
Where I heard someone say (Pause)

Father this ones with me. Heís part of our family
Heís one of the reasons that I died on Calvary,
Father lets welcome him in.
Cause I paid the price for all his sins.
Father O Father this oneís with me.

I was dreamin about heaven.
When I looked up those gates were open wide.
And in the distance I saw Jesus.
Our eyes met and I began to cry.
Angels robed in there beauty,
were there to show me the way.
And all of heaven was singing.
Thatís when I heard his voice say.


Finally we were met face to face and he placed on me heavens crown.
I fell down on my knees laid my crown at his feet then he said so tenderly.


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