Crabb Family

I saw two little feet     walking in my footsteps

And  I heard a little voice    asking things I didnít know

I touched some tiny fingers   that reached out  for direction

But if sheís gonna follow me    I need to know just where Iíll go


If sheís following me   then Lord, I need to follow You

If Iím a living example, Lord,   I need a whole lot of your life

And if the steps   I take    will influence her forever

I canít afford to lose,     Lord, help me       make it right

Iíve wasted so much time    seeking after worldly pleasures

Yet with every passing day,  Lord, you knocked at my heartís door

When I gave you rejection     you just kept right on loving

But youíve sure got my attention now     with daddyís little girl

(Repeat Chorus)

Tag:  I canít  afford to lose,   Lord, help me     make it right

                        I just want to be right

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