The Potter And The Clay

Potter And Here's The Clay
Said He'd Mold Me Just This Way
That I May Share This Love It's Still In Me
Skillful Hands Perform The Task
Just Like Thee Lord's All I Ask
And Father Let Your Spirit Breathe On Me.

I'm Just A Handful Of Clay
The Potter Found Along The Way
And I'll Never Know What Jesus Sees In Me.
But I Won't Try To Understand
I'll Just Be Yielded In Your Hand.
And All I Ask Dear Lord Is Let Me Be Like Thee.

Now My Trials Are Tossing Me
Let Others See My Faith In Thee
Dear Lord Don't Let Me Be Away Too Far.
Just So Filled Up To The Brim
Spilling Your Love All Over Them
Just Like Thee I Long To Be
And Lord That's All.

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