Song  . LORD  IíM COMING HOME

As I was waiting on my train to arrive There was a man seated next to me
, And With a smile on his face , He said  god shore has blessed us with a Beautiful day,
The man noticed that I didnít wonít to talk
, So he just said well Iím a preacher son
if theirs anything  I can do for you  just let me know
, Well the train arrived  and we left ,and as we got closer to my home,
I told the preacher my story and it goes like this.

I was young and hard headed and I thought I knew every thing, and I got real mean,
I got so mean I even hit my mom,
And my dad said son even through it breaks our hearts Your going to have to leave our home,
So I left ,And I went out so far in the world ,And got in so much trouble,
I was put in jail, And while in jail, A minister told me about Jesus,
and I remembered  All the things that my mom and dad  had thought me about Jesus,
And I gave my life to the lord, Now Iím going home.
Well the preacher said son How do know that youíll be welcome back home,
well I wrote And told Dad & Mom if I was welcome Back home.
That the old apple tree in the yard, That YOU CAN SEE IT FROM THE TRAIN ,

I ask him he would just tie a little white rag in a limb.
Iíd know Iíd be welcome back home,
I said preacher there is one thing you could do for me if  you would,
He said if I can I will,  He said Iím getting clost to home,
and if you would just look and see if thereís a little white rag in the apple tree,
He said shure son Iíll look,
He said hey son I see that old apple tree and itís in full bloom
theirs ragís and towelís every where,
And out side thereís an old white headed man and women standing and waving a big white sheet,
And a sign  saying welcome home my child,Welcome Home.

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