Under His Feet

When Simon, Peter walked the abreath, putting his faith unto the test.
He said, Master will thy bid me come unto thee.
Jesus said, come so Peter went. And when the faith, he had was spent.
Peter sink low, but Jesus had waves roll under his feet.

Under his feet___,
                under his feet.

Under his feet__,
               under, yes, under his feet.

There's not a problem that you'll face, he cannot meet.
Whenever you've waded out too far, in waters too deep.
Remember when waves are over your head, they're under his feet.

Often we faint in trails soar, Can't face our problems anymore.
Forgetting wherever, we may go, he's been there before.
We should look up and praise the Lord. He walks the water and the shore.
The Heavenly breeze and the thundering sea are under his feet.

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