Wolves in sheep's clothing


I stopped on a corner where'd gathered a crowd
the old grey haired preacher was preaching aloud.
His hand held a bible in the scriptures he read
he preached a good message and here's what he said.


Wolves in sheep's clothing they dwell in our midst
satan's black angels from the bottomless pit.
Their works are corrupt their treasures decayed
Oh be not deceived they are lying in wait.


The bibles true teaching have warned us of them
outward they shine but within they are dead.
Tho many are tempted to feast from their plate
they'll laugh as you swallow their poisonous bait.


Oh poor wayward sinners our soul is at stake
get right with God now before it's too late.
He'll wash you clean from your selfish vain pride
God looks on the heart not a comely outside.

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