We Fall Down

   Kyle Matthews

As sung by Bob Carlisle

Cursing every step of the way,
he bore a heavy load
To the market ten miles away,
The journey took it's toll

And every day he passed a
monastery's high cathedral walls
And it made his live seem
meaningless and small

And he wondered how it would be
to live in such a place
To be warm, well fed and at peace
to shut the world away

So when he saw a priest who walked,
for once, beyond the iron gate
He said, "Tell me of your life inside
that place ..."
And the priest replied...

We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
And the saints are just the sinners
who fall down ... and get up

Disappointment followed him home
He'd hoped for so much more
But he saw himself in a light
He had never seen before

Cause' if the priest who fell
could find the Grace of God to be enough
Then there must be some hope for
the rest of us
There must be some hope left for us ...

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