We’re  All  Going  Home

A Golden silence fills a hallway in Heaven’s Holy Land
A Christ coming from the throne of God
It’s time to gather man, the sun is rising in the east
And it’s  the dawning of the morn.
And then we’ll hear what we’ve been waiting for
When Gabriel blows his horn.

Yes, we’re all going home in the morning
We’ll be changed in the twinkling of an eye.
The final call from Heaven’s door will soon be ringing.
Yes, we’re all going home, by and by.

Now for the first time I’ll see loved ones
Who’ve  been gone for many years.
And crippled bodies healed completely
And God himself will dry your tears.
I’ll see Jesus standing yonder over that Heavenly shore.
Where we’ll say goodbye to all our fears and suffer pain no more.

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