You must be born again(Long ago)

Long ago I didn't know nothin about Jesus and His love I had heard about it
but I never felt it His manna that comes from above but in this life of sin I
could no longer stand I asked my mother how do I get to know the man she said
you must be you gotta be born again

If you're a sinner and you're looking for someone to ease your troubled mind
don't you go to friends don't you go to loved ones for in them no help will
you find when in this life of sin you can no longer stand just look to Jesus
it's mighty good to know the man you know you must be, you've got to be, born

You must have that fire and Holy Ghost
that burning flame that keeps the
prayer wheel turning that kind of religion that
you could not conceal it makes you move
it makes you shout it makes you cry
when it's real guide my hands right in
the winding chain my souls been anchored
in my Jesus name I said i'm feeled within
i'm free from sin you know i've been born again
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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