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icon 2010 - Charges_to_a_Pastor.mp3
icon 2010 - Jail Ministry speech.mp3
icon 2010 - Marching Off The Map.mp3
icon 2010 - Men that got back up.mp3
icon 2011 - The Cross and Yes You.mp3
icon 2011 - The_Standard.mp3
icon 2011 - Threshing the Flesh 05-04-11.mp3
icon 2011-04-20 Blood Blockage.mp3
icon Boundaries.mp3
icon Left for dead.mp3
icon Long Enough.mp3
icon Put your life in his hands.mp3
icon Salt makes them thirsty.mp3
icon Seven points of prayer-06.08.2011.mp3
icon Shake it off in the fire.mp3
icon The lost piece.mp3
icon The standard the giant and you 06.09.2011.mp3
icon Where you Are preached at the jail - 01.09.11.mp3

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