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icon 2011-09-18 From the Jail House to the Fathers House.mp3
icon 2011-09-25 One more Revival.mp3
icon 2011-10-02 What God says He will do.mp3
icon 2011-10-09 Continuing in the Faith.mp3
icon 2011-10-16 Choose Life.mp3
icon 2011-10-16 Prepared to share.mp3
icon 2011-10-23 He is still KNOCKING.mp3
icon 2011-10-30 Days to Remember.mp3
icon 2011-11-12 Be not conformed to this world.mp3
icon 2011-11-13 Looking unto Jesus.mp3
icon 2011-11-20 Giving Thanks to God.mp3
icon 2011-11-27 Come unto the Saviour.mp3
icon 2011-11-27 God gave a great victory.mp3
icon 2011-12-04 God with a plumbline in His hand.mp3
icon 2011-12-11 God has a plan.mp3
icon 2011-12-11 Where are you going.mp3
icon 2011-12-18 Do you have room for Jesus.mp3
icon 2011-12-25 A Giving God.mp3
icon 2012-01-01 He will complete the good work.mp3
icon 2012-01-01 Three Resolutions.mp3
icon 2012-01-08 God's Sin Covering.mp3
icon 2012-01-15 God will be with us.mp3
icon 2012-01-15 Too Late.mp3
icon 2012-01-22 This one thing I do.mp3
icon 2012-01-29 They found AWAY.mp3
icon 2012-01-29 They held the rope.mp3
icon 2012-02-05 Four Rs to Remember.mp3
icon 2012-02-05 Now are we the sons of God.mp3
icon 2012-02-12 What must I do BELIEVE on Jesus and SERVE Him.mp3
icon 2012-02-19 Come to Jesus.mp3
icon 2012-02-19 How we were how we are and how we shall be.mp3
icon 2012-02-26 He looked round about.mp3
icon 2012-03-04 If it had not been the Lord.mp3
icon 2012-03-04 Men ought always to pray.mp3
icon 2012-03-11 Harvest Time.mp3
icon 2012-03-11 The cost of compromise.mp3
icon 2012-03-18 He sees hears answers and Delivers.mp3
icon 2012-03-18 I AM.mp3
icon 2012-03-25 What you get and what you don't get with Salvation.mp3
icon 2012-04-01 You can know.mp3
icon 2012-04-08 He is not here He is Risen.mp3
icon 2012-04-15 Come and see.mp3
icon 2012-04-15 What Meaneth This.mp3
icon 2012-04-22 This Gospel shall be spoken.mp3
icon 2012-04-29 Joy cometh in the morning.mp3
icon 2012-05-06 The Greatest Mystery of the Ages.mp3
icon 2012-05-06 Victory Now.mp3
icon 2012-05-13 How Elizabeth Lived.mp3
icon 2012-05-13 There will be a rapture.mp3
icon 2012-05-20 In One Accord.mp3
icon 2012-05-20 Whatever you do Get Ready and Stay Ready.mp3
icon 2012-06-03 A better day ahead.mp3
icon 2012-06-03 Religious and Lost.mp3
icon 2012-06-17 Remember God lest we forget.mp3
icon 2012-06-17 Such as I have give I thee.mp3
icon 2012-06-24 God gives light life and order.mp3
icon 2012-07-01 Any man in Christ and Christ in any man.mp3
icon 2012-07-08 It Is Almost Over.mp3
icon 2012-07-08 Keep your eyes on the goal.mp3
icon 2012-07-15 Forsake all and follow Jesus.mp3
icon 2012-07-15 Know the Saviour the remedy for sin.mp3
icon 2012-07-22 Jesus Cares.mp3
icon 2012-07-29 Who is the God that will deliver you.mp3
icon 2012-08-05 Requirements for Discipleship.mp3
icon 2012-08-12 Life of Christ.mp3
icon 2012-08-19 Always Victorious.mp3
icon 2012-08-26 Gods Word is Powerful.mp3
icon 2012-08-26 Two out of Three Million.mp3
icon 2012-09-02 God is for us.mp3
icon 2012-09-02 Good Success.mp3
icon 2012-09-09 Called to be a Blessing.mp3
icon 2012-09-16 Then.mp3
icon 2012-09-16 Two Silver Trumpets.mp3
icon 2012-09-23 Our God is never in a hurry.mp3
icon 2012-09-30 Committed Church Members.mp3
icon 2012-09-30 Signs of the Endtimes.mp3
icon 2012-10-07 The Rich man's family.mp3
icon 2012-10-14 I Will.mp3
icon 2012-10-21 A fresh glimpse of Jesus.mp3
icon 2012-10-21 God's Remedy.mp3
icon 2012-10-28 Who is that God.mp3
icon 2012-11-04 Exceedingly Abundantly Above All.mp3
icon 2012-11-04 Look and Live.mp3
icon 2012-11-11 The Promises of God.mp3
icon 2012-11-18 Be Thankful in all situations.mp3
icon 2012-11-18 The event of the ages.mp3
icon 2012-11-25 Keep on Going.mp3
icon 2012-11-25 The Lord is Good, Strong, and knows those that trust him.mp3
icon 2012-12-02 Love of God.mp3
icon 2012-12-09 I Have a Hope.mp3
icon 2012-12-09 No Variableness.mp3
icon 2012-12-16 He is with You.mp3
icon 2012-12-23 He Came.mp3
icon 2012-12-23 There was a man sent from God.mp3
icon 2012-12-30 Looking unto Jesus.mp3
icon 2013-01-06 Persecution, Preaching,and the Power of God.mp3
icon 2013-01-06 Resolve to serve God.mp3
icon 2013-01-13 God makes the difference.mp3
icon 2013-01-20 We cannot afford to suppose.mp3
icon 2013-01-27 Call to Witness.mp3
icon 2013-02-03 My Redeemer Lives.mp3
icon 2013-02-03 The Rock Christ Jesus.mp3
icon 2013-02-17 Things that took place on a street called Straight.mp3
icon 2013-02-17 With or Without God.mp3
icon 2013-02-24 Christ shall appear and we shall be changed.mp3
icon 2013-03-03 We are all here.mp3
icon 2013-03-10 Three Questions to Prepare Peter for Ministry.mp3
icon 2013-03-10 What does God require.mp3
icon 2013-03-17 Great Difficulties Bring About Great Victories.mp3
icon 2013-03-31 I have a hope.mp3
icon 2013-04-07 A knock on the door.mp3
icon 2013-04-14 God has a man.mp3
icon 2013-04-14 To whom should we go.mp3
icon 2013-04-21 Three questions of Jesus.mp3
icon 2013-04-28 Sanctification.mp3
icon 2013-05-05 He shall direct our paths.mp3
icon 2013-05-05 What will God have me to do.mp3
icon 2013-05-12 A mothers influence.mp3
icon 2013-05-19 Saved to Serve and Wait.mp3
icon 2013-05-19 Seek Him with the whole heart.mp3
icon 2013-05-26 Go and do thou likewise.mp3
icon 2013-06-02 Come Down Come Hither and Come Out.mp3
icon 2013-06-02 Testing Time.mp3
icon 2013-06-09 Desire Decision and Disaster.mp3
icon 2013-06-09 Stand Up.mp3
icon 2013-06-16 Lessons from Jonah.mp3
icon 2013-06-16 My sufficiency is of God.mp3
icon 2013-06-23 Why God shared great secrets with Daniel.mp3
icon 2013-06-30 Our God is stll in Control.mp3
icon 2013-07-07 New Creature -2Corinthians5-17.mp3
icon 2013-07-07 The Shepherd.mp3
icon 2013-07-14 It is Finished.mp3
icon 2013-07-21 What Abel Says to Us Today.mp3
icon 2013-07-28 Holiness Church.mp3
icon 2013-07-28 The Harvest is Passed.mp3
icon 2013-08-04 The Blood Brings Eternal Benefit.mp3
icon 2013-08-11 Do what you can.mp3
icon 2013-08-11 Jesus Is Coming.mp3
icon 2013-08-25 Barabbas or Jesus.mp3
icon 2013-09-01 In Christ.mp3
icon 2013-09-01 Wait on the Lord.mp3
icon 2013-09-08 The compound names of God.mp3
icon 2013-09-15 A good work.mp3
icon 2013-09-15 Remember the whole duty of man.mp3
icon 2013-09-22 I Know He Lives.mp3
icon 2013-09-29 God's Will.mp3
icon 2013-10-06 Have faith in God.mp3
icon 2013-10-06 The Solid Rock.mp3
icon 2013-10-13 The call of God.mp3
icon 2013-10-20 Trust God.mp3
icon 2013-10-27 Invitation a Storm and a Miracle.mp3
icon 2013-11-10 God will be faithful forever.mp3
icon 2013-11-10 The Wedding of the Lamb.mp3
icon 2013-11-17 I find no fault in him at all.mp3
icon 2013-11-24 Thanks be to God.mp3
icon 2013-12-01 Jesus the keeper.mp3
icon 2013-12-01 Thinigs God cannot do.mp3
icon 2013-12-08 How does a young man clean up his life.mp3
icon 2013-12-15 Returned a different way.mp3
icon 2013-12-22 The Seed of God.mp3
icon 2013-12-29 Rejoice in the Lord.mp3
icon 2013-12-29 What do you want from God.mp3
icon 2014-01-05 Filled with fullness of God.mp3
icon 2014-01-05 Follow the ark.mp3
icon 2014-01-19 A Vision of Heaven.mp3
icon 2014-01-19 Prayer is Powerful.mp3
icon 2014-01-26 The master bids us to come.mp3
icon 2014-02-02 This Same Jesus.mp3
icon 2014-02-02 Tools needed to spread the gospel.mp3
icon 2014-02-09 My God Can.mp3
icon 2014-02-09 Pure hands and pure heart.mp3
icon 2014-02-16 Jesus is the Greatest of them all.mp3
icon 2014-02-23 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills.mp3
icon 2014-03-02 Come Lord Jesus.mp3
icon 2014-03-30 Almost.mp3
icon 2014-09-14 Looking for that Blessed Hope.mp3
icon 2014-10-26 I have believed and have committed to the Lord.mp3
icon 2015-05-03 Don't compromise - Exodus_10_1-10.mp3

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