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icon Personal Testimony
icon Teaching - against Snake Handling
icon Teaching - Prayer
icon Teaching - Salvation
icon Teaching - Trinity
icon 2004-02-15 A Prisoners Dying Thoughts.mp3
icon 2004-03-14 One More Night With The Frogs.mp3
icon 2004-04-04 Get Away From That Gate.mp3
icon 2005-05-27 A Sermon to a Pharoah.mp3
icon 2005-05-29 What it takes to win.mp3
icon 2005-12-15 Cockatrice & Snake Eggs.mp3
icon 2006-04-16 The Hounds of Heaven.mp3
icon 2006-08-01 The Remedy for a Robbery.mp3
icon 2006-10-29 Mary's Sword My Savior.mp3
icon 2006-10-31 3 Ways to Die 1 Way to Live.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 A Revelation of Jesus Christ.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 Disappointment-The Troas of Life.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 Paradise Lost.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 The Gospel of the Second Chance - Audio.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 Two Legs and a Piece of An Ear.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 What is Jesus to You.mp3
icon 2006-12-06 A Father to the Fatherless.mp3
icon 2006-12-06 Lowering the Sea.mp3
icon 2006-12-26 Saul's Suicide.mp3
icon 2006-12-31 A New Years Revolution.mp3
icon 2007-01-16 Selah-The Things That God Hides.mp3
icon 2007-01-20 Eternal Security.mp3
icon 2007-01-21 If You Can Give It Up.mp3
icon 2007-01-22 Nehushtan-The Misplaced Serpent PT1.mp3
icon 2007-01-22 Nehushtan-The Misplaced Serpent PT2.mp3
icon 2007-01-28 Kiss Hagar Goodbye.mp3
icon 2007-02-06 I Saw The Captain Smile.mp3
icon 2007-02-06 The Deception of Wrong Perception.mp3
icon 2007-02-13 A Hell Bound Train.mp3
icon 2007-09-30 When God Gets His Hands Dirty.mp3
icon 2007-10-30 Marching Off the Map.mp3
icon 2007-12-05 Introduction Trinity.mp3
icon 2008-01-13 Leah's Lion.mp3
icon 2008-01-15 The Day the Son Stopped.mp3
icon 2008-02-24 When Jesus Turned the Water into Wine.mp3
icon 2008-03-04 Silver In the Fire.mp3
icon 2008-05-27 Where Judgement Begins.mp3
icon 2008-06-29 The Day of the East Wind.mp3
icon 2008-07-20 The Worthship of Worship.mp3
icon 2008-09-24 When Jesus Turned the Water Into Wine.mp3
icon 2008-11-04 Difference between the baptism in Holy Ghost and Salvation.mp3
icon 2008-12-07 Search Me Lord.mp3
icon 2008-12-11 Waiting For My Change To Come.mp3
icon 2008-12-14 What Selfishness Does.mp3
icon 2009-03-08 How the Big Bucks Get Killed.mp3
icon 2010-2-18_Fire Starters RevDavidLamb.mp3
icon 2010-2-19_Fire Starters RevDavidLamb.mp3
icon 2010-5-28 Dig Em Out.mp3
icon 2011 - Four creeps that could revolutionize your church.mp3
icon 2011 - Sometimes I just want to die.mp3
icon 2011 - The church that killed Willem.mp3
icon 2011- Don't you have something better to look at.mp3
icon 2011-10-14 Jesus was mean too, right.mp3
icon 2011-10-15 God Blesses Stupid People.mp3
icon 2011-10-18 Kill them all and let God sort them out.mp3
icon 2011-10-21 Is there anything left to save.mp3
icon 2011-10-25 The Shocking Unbelievable Truth that no one ever told you.mp3
icon 2011-10-28 What - Doesn't God Remember everything.mp3
icon 2011-11-04 Four Creeps that could fix your dead church.mp3
icon 2012-05-18 Poetry.mp3
icon 2012-05-21 The sin of praying.mp3
icon 2012-06-03 Affair Proofing Your Marriage HMA.mp3
icon 2012-07-27 When the womb becomes a tomb Part-1.mp3
icon 2012-07-27 When the womb becomes the tomb Part-2.mp3
icon A Revelation of Justification (Romans 4.1-25).mp3
icon A Sermon To A Pharaoh.mp3
icon Answer for what ails us (Romans 5.1-21).mp3
icon Coping with the in-between.mp3
icon Crossing the Jordon.mp3
icon Death By Mathmatics - Part-1.mp3
icon Death By Mathmatics - Part-2.mp3
icon From guilt to Grace - Part 1 (Romans 3.1-12).mp3
icon From guilt to Grace - Part 2 (Romans 3.10-31).mp3
icon God is for us (Romans 8.28-29).mp3
icon I am not ashamed (Romans 1.1-17).mp3
icon I Need a Hero (Romans 7.1-25).mp3
icon It's a spirit thing (Romans 8.1-13).mp3
icon Joy In The Mourning.mp3
icon Knowing. Reckoning. Yielding - Part 1 (Romans 6 1-5).mp3
icon Knowing. Reckoning. Yielding - Part 2 (Romans 6.6).mp3
icon Knowing. Reckoning. Yielding - Part 3 (Romans 6.7-12).mp3
icon Knowing. Reckoning. Yielding - Part 4 (Romans 6.12-23).mp3
icon Lesson 1 - Repentance - Turning to God from Sin.mp3
icon Lesson 2 - Repentance - Turning to Christ.mp3
icon Lesson 3 - The Importance of God's Word.mp3
icon Lesson 4 - The Importance of a Home Church.mp3
icon Light It Up.mp3
icon Overcoming the Grasshopper Mentality.mp3
icon The Danger of Being Lukewarm.mp3
icon The Power of a Changed Mind.mp3
icon The Triumphal Entry.mp3
icon What It Takes To Win.mp3
icon When GOD gets mad (Romans 1.18-32).mp3
icon When Pain Becomes Part of the Path.mp3
icon Where Judgement Begins.mp3
icon Why don't you just walk away from the sea.mp3

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