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icon Personal Testimony
icon Teaching - against Snake Handling
icon Teaching - Prayer
icon Teaching - Salvation
icon Teaching - Trinity
icon 2004-02-15 A Prisoners Dying Thoughts.mp3
icon 2004-03-14 One More Night With The Frogs.mp3
icon 2004-04-04 Get Away From That Gate.mp3
icon 2005-05-27 A Sermon to a Pharoah.mp3
icon 2005-05-29 What it takes to win.mp3
icon 2005-12-15 Cockatrice & Snake Eggs.mp3
icon 2006-04-16 The Hounds of Heaven.mp3
icon 2006-08-01 The Remedy for a Robbery.mp3
icon 2006-10-29 Mary's Sword My Savior.mp3
icon 2006-10-31 3 Ways to Die 1 Way to Live.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 A Revelation of Jesus Christ.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 Disappointment-The Troas of Life.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 Paradise Lost.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 The Gospel of the Second Chance - Audio.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 Two Legs and a Piece of An Ear.mp3
icon 2006-12-05 What is Jesus to You.mp3
icon 2006-12-06 A Father to the Fatherless.mp3
icon 2006-12-06 Lowering the Sea.mp3
icon 2006-12-26 Saul's Suicide.mp3
icon 2006-12-31 A New Years Revolution.mp3
icon 2007-01-16 Selah-The Things That God Hides.mp3
icon 2007-01-20 Eternal Security.mp3
icon 2007-01-21 If You Can Give It Up.mp3
icon 2007-01-22 Nehushtan-The Misplaced Serpent PT1.mp3
icon 2007-01-22 Nehushtan-The Misplaced Serpent PT2.mp3
icon 2007-01-28 Kiss Hagar Goodbye.mp3
icon 2007-02-06 I Saw The Captain Smile.mp3
icon 2007-02-06 The Deception of Wrong Perception.mp3
icon 2007-02-13 A Hell Bound Train.mp3
icon 2007-09-30 When God Gets His Hands Dirty.mp3
icon 2007-10-30 Marching Off the Map.mp3
icon 2007-12-05 Introduction Trinity.mp3
icon 2008-01-13 Leah's Lion.mp3
icon 2008-01-15 The Day the Son Stopped.mp3
icon 2008-02-24 When Jesus Turned the Water into Wine.mp3
icon 2008-03-04 Silver In the Fire.mp3
icon 2008-05-27 Where Judgement Begins.mp3
icon 2008-06-29 The Day of the East Wind.mp3
icon 2008-07-20 The Worthship of Worship.mp3
icon 2008-09-24 When Jesus Turned the Water Into Wine.mp3
icon 2008-11-04 Difference between the baptism in Holy Ghost and Salvation.mp3
icon 2008-12-07 Search Me Lord.mp3
icon 2008-12-11 Waiting For My Change To Come.mp3
icon 2008-12-14 What Selfishness Does.mp3
icon 2009-03-08 How the Big Bucks Get Killed.mp3
icon 2010-2-18_Fire Starters RevDavidLamb.mp3
icon 2010-2-19_Fire Starters RevDavidLamb.mp3
icon 2010-5-28 Dig Em Out.mp3
icon 2011 - Four creeps that could revolutionize your church.mp3
icon 2011 - Sometimes I just want to die.mp3
icon 2011 - The church that killed Willem.mp3
icon 2011- Don't you have something better to look at.mp3
icon 2011-10-14 Jesus was mean too, right.mp3
icon 2011-10-15 God Blesses Stupid People.mp3
icon 2011-10-18 Kill them all and let God sort them out.mp3
icon 2011-10-21 Is there anything left to save.mp3
icon 2011-10-25 The Shocking Unbelievable Truth that no one ever told you.mp3
icon 2011-10-28 What - Doesn't God Remember everything.mp3
icon 2011-11-04 Four Creeps that could fix your dead church.mp3
icon 2012-05-18 Poetry.mp3
icon 2012-05-21 The sin of praying.mp3
icon 2012-06-03 Affair Proofing Your Marriage HMA.mp3
icon 2012-07-27 When the womb becomes a tomb Part-1.mp3
icon 2012-07-27 When the womb becomes the tomb Part-2.mp3
icon A Sermon To A Pharaoh.mp3
icon Coping with the in-between.mp3
icon Joy In The Mourning.mp3
icon The Danger of Being Lukewarm.mp3
icon What It Takes To Win.mp3
icon Where Judgement Begins.mp3
icon Why don't you just walk away from the sea.mp3

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