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icon 2002 Father's House - WPM Youth Retreat.mp3
icon 2010-04-18 The Path of The Destroyer.mp3
icon 2011 - Altogether Lovely.mp3
icon 2011 - Choosing your God.mp3
icon 2011 - Distractions.mp3
icon 2011- A New Heart.mp3
icon 2011-07-03 America Greatest Need.mp3
icon 2011-10-03 The Cross.mp3
icon 2012 - Another Touch.mp3
icon 2012-07-05 Here Am I Send Me.mp3
icon 2012-09-23 The Cradle The Cross The Crown.mp3
icon 2013-03-07 The Quest for the Best.mp3
icon 2013-03-07 The Waste of the Broken Vessel.mp3
icon 2013-05-29 Reconcile.mp3
icon 2014-02-12 Time To Move On Time To Move Up Time To Move Out.mp3
icon 2014-03-26 When God Turned Your Sob Into A Song.mp3
icon 2014-04-06 Not For Sale.mp3
icon 2014-07-03 Proclaim Liberty.mp3
icon 2014-07-06 The Greatness Of America, The God Of America, And The Guilt Of America.mp3
icon 2014-10-17 The Taker, The Faker, And The Difference Maker - BHC CM.mp3
icon 2016-04-14 Just Out Of Sight.mp3
icon 2016-07-05 The Strength Of The Young.mp3
icon Addicted to the Gospel.mp3
icon Getting your Eyes on Jesus.mp3
icon God changed the Man but he has not changed His Plan.mp3
icon Pslam 138.mp3
icon What to do, when you don't know what to do.mp3

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