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icon 1996-09-24 Home Again.mp3
icon 1996-09-26 A Privilleged Man & Yet Defiled.mp3
icon 1996-09-26 When I make up My Jewels.mp3
icon 1996-09-28 The Unknown Watering Places of the Soul.mp3
icon 1996-09-29 I'm Afraid of My Shadon.mp3
icon 1996-09-29 Sins Second Crop.mp3
icon 2011 PFYC - Shad McDonald - The Lamb slays the Dragon.mp3
icon 2011-03-23 Transforming Your Heartache into Hope.mp3
icon 2012-06-18 Penalty Of Noble Privilege.mp3
icon 2012-06-19 An Experience You Will Never Get Over​.mp3
icon 2012-06-20 Living In The 4th Year.mp3
icon 2012-06-21 An Inside Job.mp3
icon 2013-06-17 NPEA Campmeeting - Beyond The Bend In The Road.mp3
icon 2013-10-17 I'm Still Hooked -BHC CM.mp3
icon 2013-12-26 The Gift Is Hanging On The Tree.mp3
icon 2014-08-07 It's Your Turn To Burn - Richlands CM.mp3
icon 2015 Holiness unto the Lord.mp3
icon 2015 Minister's conf - Don't Make Moody's Mistake.mp3
icon 2016-05-30 What a Kiss caused Judas to miss - Keen Mtn.mp3
icon 2016-05-31 The Long Way Home - Keen Mtn.mp3
icon A Hymn About Him.mp3
icon A Look At The Last.mp3
icon A Servant's Prayer.mp3
icon A Strong Rope For Rough Seas.mp3
icon For How Long To A New Song.mp3
icon God Will Take Care Of You.mp3
icon Good News For You.mp3
icon Having The Words But No Music.mp3
icon He Who Stills The Storm.mp3
icon Holy Fire For An Unholy Day.mp3
icon HowToOvercomeTheOverload.mp3
icon I Have Left My Pea Patch For The Last Time.mp3
icon Lessons From The Brook.mp3
icon Liar, Lunatic, Or Lord.mp3
icon Living In The Fullness.mp3
icon Lord I Need A Lift.mp3
icon Moved, But In Two Directions.mp3
icon Needing A Cure For The Common Cold.mp3
icon Never Foresaken, Never Forgotten.mp3
icon Not Ashamed To Proclaim.mp3
icon On Mountain Of Absolute Surrender.mp3
icon Overcoming Hinderances To Prayer.mp3
icon Praying Always With All Prayer.mp3
icon Renewing Our Worth Of Worship.mp3
icon Revival In Our Time.mp3
icon Something About That Name.mp3
icon The Assurance Of The Secret Place.mp3
icon The Barrenness Of A Christian Life.mp3
icon The day the Beggar died.mp3
icon The Drift Is On.mp3
icon The Fading Of The First Fire.mp3
icon The Finger of God.mp3
icon The Hearing That Brings The Healing.mp3
icon The Mandate of the Minister.mp3
icon The Three Wonders Of Hell.mp3
icon TheAftermathofFailure.mp3
icon What Are You Saying Behind His Back.mp3
icon What You Already Knew But You Probably Forgot.mp3
icon When Faith Falters.mp3
icon When Grace Brings Guilt.mp3
icon Why Christ Went To Church.mp3

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