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icon 1996 A Great Church.mp3
icon 1996 How Can You Forget.mp3
icon 1996-05-18 Some Will Make It.mp3
icon 1996-10-19 There is Nothing too hard for the Lord.mp3
icon 1997-04-06 Have Ye Received The Holy Ghost Since You Believed.mp3
icon 1997-08-3 I'm Still Standing Devil.mp3
icon 1997-11-16 Faith.mp3
icon 1997-12-31 The Grass Is Not Greener.mp3
icon 1998-11-18 Will We Carry The Gospel On.mp3
icon 1999-04-07 Don't Quit Now.mp3
icon 1999-10-20 Break Through from Bitterness.mp3
icon 2000-06-03 Head Knowledge Heart Knowledge.mp3
icon 2006-09-17 Heart.mp3
icon A Real Christian.mp3
icon Joey HightTribute.mp3
icon Simon's Cross.mp3
icon Tear Covered Couch.mp3

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