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icon 2006 Eastside CM - Thou Shalt Not Kill.mp3
icon 2011-03-13 The Christians Happy Hope.mp3
icon 2011-04-10 A God With A Broken Heart.mp3
icon 2011-08-07 The Backslider In Heart.mp3
icon 2011-08-14 When Faithfull Men Are Few.mp3
icon 2011-08-21 Wheat and Tares.mp3
icon 2011-08-28 A Kingdom Destined for Greatness.mp3
icon 2011-09-04 The Savior and The Sinner.mp3
icon 2011-09-25 The Spiritual Life Of The Christian.mp3
icon 2011-10-02 The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.mp3
icon 2011-10-09 Hope Beyond This Life.mp3
icon 2011-12-11 The Seed of Abraham.mp3
icon 2012-01-15 The Faith That Saves.mp3
icon 2012-01-22 Fruit of the Womb.mp3
icon 2012-01-25 Minster's Conference - Preaching To Produce Perfection.mp3
icon 2012-02-05 The Abounding Grace.mp3
icon 2012-02-12 Unfinished Business.mp3
icon 2012-02-19 Mark For Mercy.mp3
icon 2012-02-26 The Crucifixion Of Jesus.mp3
icon 2012-03-04 The Daysman.mp3
icon 2012-03-11 Under Estimating Jesus.mp3
icon 2012-03-18 The Backsliders Friend.mp3
icon 2012-03-25 Crucified Again.mp3
icon 2012-04-01 Jesus The Carpenter.mp3
icon 2012-04-08 The meaning of the Resurrection.mp3
icon 2012-05-06 In Everything Give Thanks.mp3
icon 2012-05-13 A Joyful Woman.mp3
icon 2012-05-27 Fostering An Attiude of Worship.mp3
icon 2012-06-03 Finishing With Joy.mp3
icon 2012-06-17 The Ministry of the Father.mp3
icon 2012-06-24 God's Word To Sinners.mp3
icon 2012-07-08 Properly Functioning Church.mp3
icon 2012-07-15 Such As I Have.mp3
icon 2012-07-22 He Came To Bless Us.mp3
icon 2012-07-29 None Other Name.mp3
icon 2012-07-29 The Lord's Supper.mp3
icon 2012-08-05 The Forbidden Name.mp3
icon 2012-08-12 From Disappointment To Delight.mp3
icon 2012-08-12 The Church That Prays Together.mp3
icon 2012-08-19 A Christian Community.mp3
icon 2012-08-26 A Deadly Devine Intervention.mp3
icon 2012-09-02 The Price and the Profit of Obedience.mp3
icon 2012-09-23 The Security of the Believer.mp3
icon 2012-10-10 Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth.mp3
icon 2012-10-14 The Danger of Discounting the Soul.mp3
icon 2012-10-14 When Life Is More Bitter Than Death.mp3
icon 2012-10-21 Unstable Souls.mp3
icon 2012-10-29 A Cloud Witnesses.mp3
icon 2012-10-29 Not A Hoof Left Behind.mp3
icon 2012-11-04 The Privileged People.mp3
icon 2012-11-18 The Patience of the Saints.mp3
icon 2012-11-25 Be Ye Ready.mp3
icon 2012-11-25 Behold The Man.mp3
icon 2012-12-16 Living With Jesus.mp3
icon 2012-12-16 The Greatest Chirstmas Gift.mp3
icon 2012-12-20 The Preservation of Israel.mp3
icon 2012-12-31 The Lament of Loss Opportunity.mp3
icon 2013-01-06 Pray and Fasting.mp3
icon 2013-01-06 The Danger of No Vision.mp3
icon 2013-01-13 Blessed Are They That Mourn.mp3
icon 2013-01-13 Poor In Spirit.mp3
icon 2013-01-20 Being Fruitfull In Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ.mp3
icon 2013-01-20 Shedding Innocent Blood.mp3
icon 2013-02-17 The Pure In Heart.mp3
icon 2013-02-20 The Revelation of Jesus Christ.mp3
icon 2013-02-24 The Peacemakers.mp3
icon 2013-02-27 The Revelation of Jesus -What He Has Done.mp3
icon 2013-03-03 The Persecuted People.mp3
icon 2013-03-10 World Changers.mp3
icon 2013-03-17 Redemption.mp3
icon 2013-03-24 The Cross and The World.mp3
icon 2013-03-31 The Impact of the Resurrection.mp3
icon 2013-04-07 A Society Domintated by Satan.mp3
icon 2013-04-14 The Obligations of a Christian Citizen.mp3
icon 2013-04-28 Living By Faith.mp3
icon 2013-05-12 The Law of Thy Mother.mp3
icon 2013-05-19 The Lamb's Book of Life.mp3
icon 2013-05-27 Society Shaped By the Gospel.mp3
icon 2013-06-02 A Missions Minded Church.mp3
icon 2013-06-03 Finishing With Joy.mp3
icon 2013-06-09 The Religious Route To Hell.mp3
icon 2013-06-16 The Power of a Father's Prayer.mp3
icon 2013-06-23 Intercessary Prayer.mp3
icon 2013-07-07 The Call Common to Christians.mp3
icon 2013-07-14 Satan's Footprint.mp3
icon 2013-07-28 Being Saved From Satan.mp3
icon 2013-09-22 Our Final Move.mp3
icon 2013-09-29 A Divine Prayer for Spiritual Recovery.mp3
icon 2013-10-06 A Soul At Risk.mp3
icon 2013-10-13 A Man After God's Heart.mp3
icon 2013-10-27 The Honorable Estate.mp3
icon 2013-11-03 Selected To Live.mp3
icon 2014-04-27 The Principals of National Interest.mp3
icon 2014-05-11 A Mother's Best Friend.mp3
icon 2014-05-18 The Perils of Perverting The Gospel.mp3
icon 2015-01-25 The Fruit Bearing Life.mp3
icon 2015-01-28 Fortitude Against Fainting - at 2015 Minister's Conference.mp3
icon 2015-05-25 Confidence In The Midst Of The Crisis.mp3
icon 2016 Transmitting The Faith - Minister's Conference.mp3
icon 2016-05-30 Not a Hoof Left Behind - Keen Mtn.mp3
icon A Christian Home.mp3
icon A City Sit On A Hill.mp3
icon A Divine Pray For A Spiritual Recovery.mp3
icon A Future Thanksgiving.mp3
icon A Glimpse Into Heaven.mp3
icon A God With A Broken Heart 04-10-11.mp3
icon A Man's Word Is His Bond.mp3
icon A Reson Not To Quit.mp3
icon A Virtuous Woman 05-08-11.mp3
icon Abundant Life.mp3
icon Acceptable Sacrifice .mp3
icon Affected By The Resurrection Of Jesus.mp3
icon After Testing-Trials.mp3
icon Approved For Calvary.mp3
icon Being Fitted For Heaven.mp3
icon Blessed To Be Poor.mp3
icon Boldness In The Day Of Judgment.mp3
icon Born To Die.mp3
icon Business As Usual.mp3
icon Called To Repent.mp3
icon Christian Confidence In Christ.mp3
icon Conflicts About Christ.mp3
icon Convicted Of Unbelief.mp3
icon Convinced By The Cross.mp3
icon Delivered From The Power of Darkness.mp3
icon Delivering Those Ready To Be Slain.mp3
icon Divine Direction.mp3
icon Drawing Nigh Unto God.mp3
icon Everlasting Life.mp3
icon Exchanging God's.mp3
icon Exchanging Misery for Mercy.mp3
icon Fathers and Future Generations.mp3
icon First Things First.mp3
icon Fragrance Of Christ.mp3
icon Free Indeed.mp3
icon Fruit of The Spirit - Faithfulness, Meekess, Temperance.mp3
icon Fruit Of The Spirit - Longsuffering, Gentelness,goodness.mp3
icon Fruit Of The Spirit Love, Joy, Peace.mp3
icon Giving Thanks.mp3
icon Glory In The Cross.mp3
icon God Or Mammon.mp3
icon God's Thoughts About You.mp3
icon Grace That Will Not Let Me Go.mp3
icon He Calleth Thee.mp3
icon He Came To Bear Witness To The Truth.mp3
icon Healing The Family Breach.mp3
icon History's Greatest Injustice.mp3
icon History's Most Firm Invitation.mp3
icon Honor thy father and thy mother.mp3
icon HopeSpringing From The Manger.mp3
icon If Any Man Be In Christ.mp3
icon If God Had His Way.mp3
icon If It Be Of God.mp3
icon Intercepted By God.mp3
icon Jochebed The Mother Of Moses.mp3
icon Jochebed's Son .mp3
icon Judged To Be Faithful.mp3
icon Last Days Deception.mp3
icon Last Things.mp3
icon Living On The High Places.mp3
icon Marriage of the Lamb.mp3
icon Mary Magdalene.mp3
icon Ministering To Missionaries.mp3
icon Not Conformed But Transformed.mp3
icon Over The Edge.mp3
icon Peace On Earth.mp3
icon Pillar and Ground For The Truth.mp3
icon Pitching Your Tents Toward Sodom.mp3
icon Possessing Your Heritage.mp3
icon Potential Disciples.mp3
icon Poverty of Idolatry.mp3
icon Power To Forgive Sin.mp3
icon Prodded to Repentence.mp3
icon Prosurring After Holiness.mp3
icon Providence and Politics.mp3
icon Remember The Sabbath Day And Keep It Holy.mp3
icon Remembering The Father's Address.mp3
icon Responding To Divine Mercy.mp3
icon Road Blocks On The Road To Hell.mp3
icon Salvation By Grace.mp3
icon Sermon On The Mount.mp3
icon Shipwreck Of Faith.mp3
icon Spontaneous Worship.mp3
icon Taking The Territory Of Satan.mp3
icon Thankful Because We Remember.mp3
icon That Which Is Highly Esteemed Among Men.mp3
icon The Agony Of Gethsemane,.mp3
icon The Ascension Of Jesus Christ.mp3
icon The Blessing Of A Godly Father.mp3
icon The Blessing of Giving.mp3
icon The Christian Family.mp3
icon The Christians Happy Hope 03-13-11.mp3
icon The Christians Happy Hope.mp3
icon The Creative Master Piece.mp3
icon The Cry of Innocence Blood.mp3
icon The Day Is Coming On.mp3
icon The Depth Of God's Knowledge.mp3
icon The Depth Of Love.mp3
icon The Dignity Marriage.mp3
icon The Elder Son.mp3
icon The Final Call.mp3
icon The Fruit of The Sprit Is Love.mp3
icon The Glorious Church.mp3
icon The God Who Has A Son.mp3
icon The Gospel Call.mp3
icon The Healing Of the Paralytic.mp3
icon The Health of God's People.mp3
icon The Holiness OF God.mp3
icon The Joy Of Jesus.mp3
icon The Leading Of The Spirit.mp3
icon The Lineage Of A Liar.mp3
icon The Lord is the Most High but Looks Low.mp3
icon The Lord Of the Sabbath.mp3
icon The Love Of Christ.mp3
icon The Mark Of The Disciple.mp3
icon The Meaning Of The Resurretion Of Jesus Christ.mp3
icon The Most Famous Mother.mp3
icon The Murder Of The Innocence.mp3
icon The Name Above All Others.mp3
icon The Nation Builder And Destroyer.mp3
icon The New Man.mp3
icon The Obligation of Children.mp3
icon The Patience Of The Saints.mp3
icon The Peace of God 03-06-11.mp3
icon The Peace of God.mp3
icon The People Of God.mp3
icon The Power Of The Resurrection.mp3
icon The Priority of Prayer.mp3
icon The Raft of The Lamb.mp3
icon The Rock Higher Than I.mp3
icon The Second Coming Of Jesus Part 1.mp3
icon The Second Coming of Jesus Part 2.mp3
icon The Secret Of Life-Dollas Messer.mp3
icon The Soul Of The Nation The House Of God.mp3
icon The Spirtual Harvest.mp3
icon The Suffering Of Murder.mp3
icon The Temptation of Jesus.mp3
icon The Ten Commandments.mp3
icon The Time of Thy Visitation.mp3
icon The Training Center.mp3
icon The Trial Of Your Faith.mp3
icon The Wisdom Of God.mp3
icon The_Joy_of_Thanksgiving.mp3
icon The_Resurrection_of_Christ_March 27_2005.mp3
icon Thou Shalt Have None Other Gods Before Me.mp3
icon Thou shalt not kill.mp3
icon Thou Shalt Not Make Thee Any Graven Image.mp3
icon True Spirituality .mp3
icon Unto Him Be Glory.mp3
icon Walled In By Heavenly Host.mp3
icon What Shall I Do With Jesus.mp3
icon What Shall We Do.mp3
icon When A Nation Forgets God.mp3
icon When Saints Are At Their Worst.mp3
icon When Winning Is Everything.mp3
icon Who Will Call HIM Wonderful.mp3
icon Whole Hearthed Devotion To God.mp3
icon Why Jesus Deserves Praise.mp3
icon You Are Complete In Christ.mp3

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